New Videos

It has been so long.. too long.  I want to keep this up, even for my own records so I have some catching up to do.


This ones for grandma H...

I went out a bought a cute little mobile for Rowan and just about everytime I turn it on for him he's more interested in the little cars on the blanket grandma made for him.  Funny boy... I can think of a few he takes after.

..all learning to co-exist...


Paul's American Thanksgiving Inspired Birthday Dinner...

Everywhere I turned this week people were eating these awesome thanksgiving dinners and I got a bad hankering for turkey dinner....

So I made one for Paul for his 29th birthday.

Jesse's birthday is on the 25th (same as pinner btw) so we usually celebrate together over the years.

Julieann and I went upstairs to change the babies into their jammies...turned around and they were wearing the same ones!! so out came the cameras...

Some lean-on-me shots. We were saying these two are pre-arranged BFFs!  

The birthday boys with their babies being their serious selfs.
Rowan was intently watching his new little friend fuss and was wondering what the matter was. 

It was a good day.  Happy Birthday dear Paul, Jesse and Pinner.. happy birthday to you...



I just made this soup (minus the topping)


It's so satisfying + healthy.

I am going have a bowl of it every day this week.


Sleepy boy

Nite nite...

Pumpkin cookies in the flashest..

No seriously you don't even have to measure anything.

1 box of yellow cake mix
1 can of pumpkin
bunch of toffee bits (or chocolate chips, or mini rollos or something...)

On to parchment paper.
In the oven 400 F for 15 minutes & BAM you got two dozen cookies to eat! oh no!

A note:  I left my cookies in for more like 20 minutes because they were a little "doughy" for my taste..

I'm calling these Pumpkin Cakesters..because that is exactly what they are.  ENJOY!